The Power of ‘Awesome’

As I sit in my student center on a tired, slow Monday morning, coffee in hand, I am trying to process the significance of awe and the way The Lord works. Yesterday, a dear friend of mine met Jesus and I had the eternal privilege of being there with her. As I sit here racking my brain to find the words to describe the experience, I simply cannot. The only word that comes to mind is ‘awesome’.

Let me lay out what happened: my friend texted me letting me know she would be home from school for the weekend and asked if I wanted to go to church on Sunday and then brunch afterwards. Seizing the opportunity to see one of my best friends, I agreed and we headed to church and then Butterfield’s for breakfast. At breakfast we sat and talked about life, friends, and the way God has been working in our lives and the people around us. Typically when this friend and I talk about faith I never feel the urge to ask her if she has prayed what we Christians like to call the “Jesus prayer”, but for some reason I could not let her leave that breakfast without extending the question. After responding with “I don’t know what to do…am I ready?”, I explained the complex implications (to the best of my abilities) of the saving grace of The Lord and everything that goes into becoming “born again”, while also expressing the simplicity of the acceptance of grace and faith. After asking if she believed the specifics and if she wanted to receive Jesus, she said yes. What followed was simply inexplicable.

We left the restaurant and returned to her car and we prayed. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. After we prayed we just sat. No words to be spoken, no movements; just silent awe. She turned to me and said “I knew this would be great, but I would never have expected this feeling…the only thing I can think is ‘awesome'”. What was most incredible for me was that I got to watch my best friend be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and be completely dumbfounded with no way of expressing her feelings. I have no doubt in my mind that it is in these instances that the Holy Spirit is working and the only word we can use is ‘awesome’. Despite the overuse (and misuse) of the word, it packs a powerful punch that can only describe the work of The Lord. Tears were shed and there was true rejoicing in Heaven yesterday as my friend walked into the saving embrace of Jesus.

I get to spend eternity with my best friend and the only word I can think of that seems appropriate is ‘awesome’.


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