Mumford & Sons: A Revolution

Rumors have been circulating for some time now, and it is all true: America’s favorite indie/hipster band is back with a not-so-hipster sound. Not to imply they have lost their touch; just the opposite, in fact. After a nearly three year hiatus, Mumford & Sons is back with an entirely revamped sound. Instead of holding to the classic banjo and fiddle routine, the group takes a more ‘U2’-like approach to their new music. Released on VEVO on March 9, 2015, ‘Believe’ is the first snapshot of what lies ahead for the eagerly awaiting fans.

Watch the audio video here:

Here is a breakdown of the track:

1. The new sound may take listeners off guard at first, but it is nothing to be afraid of. If anything, this new sound gives the band more character with the mix of electric guitar, some synth here and there, and hard-hitting lyrics.

2. Speaking of lyrics, Mumford holds true to their lyrics of personal struggle, self-understanding, and hints of redemption through doubt. With lines like “I had the strangest feeling / Your world’s not what it seem / So tired of misconceiving / What else this could’ve been”, the Mumford & Sons of Sigh No More and Babel rest easy in the listener’s ears, but mixed with the new sound, makes them fall in love with this legendary band all over again.

3. Some could look at it as selling out for popular media, but the redesign of their sound is refreshing. The slow lead-in and build-up into a passionate, emotion-filled chorus sucks the listener into a whole new experience. Vocals are a smash per usual, instrumentals are refreshingly mixed yet not overwhelming, and when put all together, makes for some of the most exciting new music of 2015.

America better get ready for the new Mumford, and they better be ready for some incredible critical acclaims. If they thought they were busy before, they don’t even know what is going to hit them now.

The new album, Wilder Mind, drops May 4th everywhere. Pre-order on iTunes now!


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